today you came to me

as a small, yellow lady bug landing right on my chest

a little creature that automatically reminded me of you

when things get hard and I can’t handle it anymore, you find me in the most mysterious ways

either by the wind blowing a flower to me or a butterfly flying around me

you find me and you remind me

you come to me when you hear my prayers

when days become harder to bare

a small lady bug landing on my chest

reminding me that you are forever there

I look for you in everything I see

my soul is connected to the divine energy you expressed

I crave for the deep breath of fresh air in the mountains

and the plums you brought me

my heart aches when I imagine going there and experiencing it all without you

but I know you’ll show in a mysterious way

forever and a day is the love I have for you

and I hope you feel the prayers I send to you

my forever angel

ill always be there for you

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