For the Best Brother

A brief pause for my usual posts.

Elmir- my brother, best friend, role model, ATM, all the wonderful things in life. He’s the person to give his last $20 to you. The person who would rather not have anything as long as it means I have everything.

My hero.

Not only does he protect me, he protects our community. Elmir is a cop and as we all know that’s a terrifying job to have. He’s someone who isn’t scared to run into gun fire but is terrified to make his own pizza because he thinks he’ll burn it.

Since we were little, my brother always made sure I had everything. I remember when he got his first paycheck at 16 he came home with a brand new makeup set for me. It wasnt my birthday, it wasnt a holiday, it was just Elmir being Elmir.

Fast forward almost 10 years and he still surprises us all with random gifts. Yesterday, Elmir bought my parents a brand new TV for the living room. Just another example of him putting others first.

Someone who’s very quiet yet speaks with his emotions, Elmir is the purest human I have ever known. Not just because he’s my brother and I have to brag, but because he treats everyone the same.

Everyday I wake up and Elmir has done something else to make us proud. I thank God everyday for blessing me with the best brother out there, and for blessing everyone Elmir crosses paths with.

I love him with all my heart, and although sometimes I don’t express it, I really do look up to him.

He is my hero, my guardian angel on Earth.

Thank you, Elmir. For making the darkest day seem bright, and for always fixing every mess I get myself in.

I am so lucky to call you my brother.

(P.S ladies, he’s single and your mother in law is nice)


  1. Love you guys, i’m proud of you,and I’ proud to be uncle for people as you.I’m angry of our destiny because i didn’t spend more time in your life,i read this text and ps.(don’t tell anyone) I cry a little… Love you Sale.. (Sedmir)

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